imagine-dragons1Every new years people all over the world make resolutions for the upcoming year. From getting in shape to getting a job, resolutions vary from person to person. Although many are never fulfilled, we like to think music can possibly help give you that extra push. A theme song to your epic life of doing everything you always wanted to do. So here we have it. A top ten list of uplifting motivational songs to get you to your goals and keep you on track!

Fitz and the Tantrums-The Walker

“I walk to the sound of my own drum”. These lyrics are possibly some of the best in terms of living a better life. Do your own thing and own it!

American Authors-Best Day of My Life

If we treat more and more days like this than by far we will be happier people.

Imagine Dragons-On Top Of the World

This song just makes you feel good. Take a step back and realize all the small things that make you feel good and make you feel “on top of the world”.

NONONO-Pumpin Blood

“You’re a catalyst to your happiness you know. This is your heart, it’s alive”, Yes everyone is in control of their happiness. Let’s remember that in 2014.

Empire of the Sun-Alive

“Loving every minute ’cause you make me feel so alive”. If you haven’t found that person yet, go. Don’t wait. If you have, don’t take them for granted.

Matt and Kim-It’s Alright

You’re always going to have ups and downs but just remember it’s alright. This too shall pass!

Twenty One Pilots-House of Gold

As great as it is to do things for yourself, sometimes doing things for others can make you feel better. Like taking care of your mother. Buy her a house of gold and you will feel amazing.

Saints of Valory-Neon Eyes

Sometimes you need to take risks. Follow someone into the deep, fall in love with someone even if it makes no sense. Because in the end, everything makes sense in one way or another.

OneRepublic-Counting Stars

Don’t waste your days! Money, bills, they will come and go but you only have one life. Take the time to watch the stars every once in a while and enjoy them.

Grouplove-Ways to Go

No matter how far you have to go just listen to this song. You may have a little bit longer or a ways to go but either way you’re going somewhere better.