13207344713_450a491b79Another year of  SXSW wrapped this weekend, showing locals and tourists why Austin is Live Music Capital of the World. From secret DJ sets to main venues packed to capacity, there was something for every pair of ears in the city. There was free food and booze as far the eye can see; celebrities scattered within the thousands of music fans throughout every crowd; bright visuals and loud sound that impressed all who saw and heard; late nights followed with booze-filled brunches and snacks from food trailers in between. And when the party goes on for 10 straight days, it’s impossible to not have the time of your life. For those who weren’t lucky enough to attend, we have technology to thank for capturing all the memorable moments from this year’s festivities.

Check out the gallery below of some of the memorable moments from this year’s SXSW!

Photos by Kaitlyn Clement.

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