Album Review: Cope by Manchester Orchestra


Indie hard-rockers Manchester Orchestra have done it again with their newest album, Cope. The new record is more of the same for these Alabama Natives, and that shouldn’t be a problem for fans of their previous three. Frontman Andy hall hit the nail on the head when he called it a “super aggressive guitar rock record” in a 2013 interview.

This LP is everything a fan of the band could hope for. Highly produced vocals, and grungy guitar overpower the simple drum beats just like Manchester’s previous three albums.

In between the 2011 record Simple Math and this new one Hull fronted the supergroup Bad Books with indie solo artist, Kevin Devine. Now, he’s back with Manchester in full force. While the album fails to break any new ground thematically we suspect this won’t be a problem with audiences. The power packed sound is still completely in tact, and their songwriting is as emotionally honest as ever. What Cope lacks in innovation it makes up for with earnestness. It’s easy to feel the truth in the lyrics even when the music sounds a little familiar.

The band’s hooky choruses and repeating guitar riffs have been on the cusp of radio friendliness for years. With Cope it’s possible that they propel themselves into mainstream success. While staying faithful to their previous work, Manchester Orchestra has made something interesting as well as easily digestible. All in all it’s a good summer album and we suspect that Cope will be a hard one to ignore.

The album is now for purchase available on Amazon and iTunes.