Copeland Reunite, Announce New Album

pluggedIt’s been four years since indie-rock band Copeland announced they were parting ways to focus on different interests and said goodbye with one last farewell tour, but after all of that time it seems they were never quiet finished with their original project. The band announced on April 1st a new album to be out October 31st, 2014 titled Ixora. This new record will be the first record recorded and released independently by the band.

Originally formed in 2001, Copeland signed to Militia Records in 2002, releasing their debut album Beneath Medicine Tree in 2003 and a second album, In Motion, later in 2005. From then they signed to major label Columbia Records and began releasing albums every year until 2008. Lead singer Aaron, has also been featured on other albums with notable bands like The Morning Of and Underoath. With that much production the band stayed busy but still managed to be featured on separate projects such as the Punk Goes 90’s album and the Policia! A Tribute to the Police records. While they seemed to have it all, it wasn’t always easy. In 2007 original member James Likeness left the band to pursue a career in graphic design, which he studied in college. After a missing member and a split with Columbia Records, two years later in 2010 the band finally announced a goodbye for good and left off with a farewell tour.

You can check out their preview video for Ixora below and be sure to check out their website to pre-order the album now!