WATCH: B-Sides On-Air Highlights 4/26/14 Interview with The Colourist, Panama Wedding

B-Sides On-Air is broadcast on KBCW-44/cable 12 in the San Francisco Bay Area every Saturday night after SNL at 1a. We know it may be a time when either making out or passing out. So, make sure to DVR us every week and check out some highlights from the show here! This past weekend, The Colourist were kind enough to let us film them performing their latest single, “We Won’t Go Home” and talked about a wide array of topics. The L.A. band spoke about the making of their debut album, inspirations that include Van Halen and more. We’re addicted to the track, “All Of The People” by Panama Wedding. Singer/songwriter of the band, Peter Kirk, talked about the band’s beginnings and his transition from solo artist to being part of a band. Arctic Monkeys reign supreme at the top spot on our top 10 countdown; check out the list and the vids on this page on the right side!

The Colourist toured most of 2013, playing Coachella and opening for bands such as, The Naked & Famous and Metric. All of this happened without the luxury of a full-length album, which is now remedied. The L.A.-based band recently released their self-titled debut album and concluded a short headlining tour. With varying influences ranging from Van Halen and The Misfits to Phil Collins, the band is democratic in their songwriting process and the result is addictive. Check out the band performing “We Won’t Go Home” for B-Sides from Bottom of The Hill in San Francisco and the interview!

B-Sides On-Air: The Colourist Perform We Won't Go Home Live

B-Sides On-Air: The Colourist Interview- Talk Van Halen, Rescuing Neighbor

“All of the People” by Panama Wedding has been On-Rotation for a few months on B-Sides and the band is gaining quite a following in the process. Performing as a solo artist prior to forming the band, lead singer/songwriter Peter Kirk brings a love of making music that can be uplifting and bright, as evident in the lead single by the band. The band’s debut EP, “Parallel Play” is set for a June 3, 2014 release. Check out our interview with Peter Kirk from Panama Wedding.

B-Sides On-Air: Interview with Peter Kirk of Panama Wedding- Talks Band Origins, New Music

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