Vinyl Round-Up: August 29, 2014

Because The InternetAs a culture, we are craving authenticity more everyday. The masses are clamoring for more things to be more genuine. Vinyl records provide that. The textural experience of old school albums puts the listener into intimate contact with the music. Our enjoyment of the sounds emanating from the grooves is a loving bond with the fabric of our music taste. Not to mention, they’re pretty cool to show off to your friends. Here’s a list of the 33’s that should add to your collection post haste.


Do Rabbits Wonder? – Whirlwind Heat Do Rabbits Wonder

Do techno and punk go together? Whirlwind Heat answers that age old question. The most striking selling point of this Record Store Day 2003 tour-de-force is that it was produced by none other than Jack White. But this record stands on more than its name dropping factor. It is an energetic production that gets more infections with every song. Each track is named for a color in the rainbow, and  “Orange” can be heard below


Whirlwind Heat Live - Orange

Because The Internet – Childish Gambino

Because The Internet vinyl Comedian, writer, and actor Donald Glover has lent his talents to the writing staff of 30 Rock and was on of the main characters on Community. He is making big waves in the entertainment industry to say the least. But it’s his skills as a rapper that have gotten our attention at B-sides. Bino’s second LP has gotten rave reviews from all over the industry. Because The Internet is contradicts itself by being cool and commanding while also being heartfelt and emotional. Not to mention the fact that the album is written to tell the story of a screen play which accompanies the vinyl record with certain pressings.  Check out the 18th track below.

II. earth: the oldest computer (the last night) (Feat Azealia Banks) *VIOLET FROSTED*

O’ Be Joyful – Shovels & Rope O' Be Joyful

The sophomore effort from these South Carolina natives is a folksy masterpiece. Cary Ann Hearst and husband Michael Trent are are deeply talented song writers who have been on the scene since 2008. Their newest album, Swimmin’ Time was released earlier this week and promises to be more of the glorious same.  O’ Be Joyful gives the audience a look into the emotional landscape of two American southerners in love.Check out the music video from the title track below.


Shovels & Rope - "O' Be Joyful"

69 Love Songs – The Magnetic Fields

Nine years separate the Magnetic Fields album before 69 and the one after. And we can’t blame the band for taking their time. Sure, singer Daniel Handler wrote twelve books under the name Lemony Snicket between records, but after listening to this full six disk LP we think the song writing was more difficult. Each of the songs on this one is touching and defines the very meaning of the word “sentimental.” See what we mean, listen to track 12 from volume one is “Book Of Love” below.


Magnetic Fields - The Book Of Love

Kick Out The Jams – The MC5 Kick Out The Jams Vinyl

The Detroit legends are pioneers in the world of hard rock. These guys have influenced acts like Rage Against The Machine, Henry Rolins, and Stone Temple Pilots. In the present day they don’t get too much radio play on the classic rock stations but trust us, they deserve it. In the way Black Sabbath started the heavy metal movement The MC5 gave rise to the in-your-face guitar riffs that have gone on to characterize the sounds of bands like Bush and Quiet Riot. The title track from their debut album can be heard below.


Bonus: Matching Tie and Hankerchief – Monty Python Matching Tie and Hankerchief

The first pressing of this record had two grooves on the B-side which makes it quite close to our hearts. Depending on where a needle dropped you’d hear a totally different set of jokes. and which ever groove your stylus follows you’ll be in for a laugh. Matching Tie is the fourth recording from the comedy legends and is every bit as hilarious as the rest of them. While the group does have a reputation for being hit or miss, this one is made up with mostly hits. The proof is in the pudding, and in the youtube video below.


Monty Python - A Great Actor