It’s been just a little over a year since the Illinois pop-punk band came off hiatus and made a comeback with their secretly recorded album Save Rock and Roll.  Ever since then, they’ve been on tour with Paramore and releasing The Young Blood Chronicles, a series of music videos for every song from their latest studio album.

Back in June of this year, bassist Pete Wentz hinted at the making of a new album as he spoke of “listening to something Patrick had written in the trailer…finishing out the album cycle in South Africa in September” in an interview with BIllboard Magazine.  Then, on Thursday, September 4, the band released a six second teaser clip in Morse code for their new single, and on Friday confirmed its title, “Centuries,” and revealed its artwork as well.  The new single was released today, Monday, September 8.

As always, Fall Out Boy has delivered a catchy pop punk tune that people can blast at the loudest volume on their car ride home from work.  The signature guitars, bass line, and drums run rampant throughout the track, but there’s definitely an infusion of electronic elements to up the ante on the band’s next step in their musical journey.

Starting off with a sample of the 90s single, “Tom’s Diner”, originally done by Suzanna Vega, front man Patrick Stump’s vocals display his grittier, rougher side, adding an edge to the already poetic verses as they throw in a few chants from “Tom’s Diner” throughout.  A chorus line that states, “Some legends untold/Some turn to dust or to gold” can only be properly conveyed with the rasp Stump mixes into his powerhouse voice, but the lead singer overdoes it by singing almost the entire song with that raw sound, making it lose its charm after the first verse and chorus.

Overall, the track gives fans that familiar taste that is Fall Out Boy, but with a twist that acknowledges today’s radio trends, and should satiate them until the new album drops.  The single can be listened to here!

Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Hyperlapse Edition)