Festival Season Essentials

Camping at a Music Festival
Music Festival Camp grounds

All this talk about music festivals and shows means Festival Season 2015 is finally here.  Ultra and Coachella are just the beginning of what will prove to be one of the busiest festival seasons yet. With more music festivals to chose from than ever, chances are there will be more first timers than not. Stages are popping up in woodlands, boats, lakes, downtowns and beachside venues from now until late September. No matter the situation, whether it be a one day festival or a weekend camping trip, be sure to include these items to have the best and most efficient festival experience possible.

  • Fanny Pack- It doesn’t matter how dumb you may think you look, these pouches hold anything and everything that you really need. They are small and easy to carry making it a breeze to get through security check. While dancing and jumping around EDC, you won’t even notice that you have it on. These come in all shapes and sizes and will definitely keep your things secure.
  • Smart snacks : Trail mix, peanut butter, protein bars and powdered electrolytes to add to water. You may feel like a squirrel while munching on a small snack between shows but your food deprived stomach will love you. Not only are these small snacks infused with energy but you’ll have a peace of mind knowing you at least tried to eat well while putting your body through hours of non stop dancing. This will also save you money and time since most festival food is over priced, greasy and full of long lines.
  • Zip Lock bag: Even if the forecast says no rain, chances are you’re going to run into water. Random slip-n-slides, water hoses,  friends with water guns or a giant hippo slide like at Bonnaroo are just some of the things that you might cross while trying to cool down from the hot summer sun. Just to be prepared for any type of fun, remembering to take in several zip lock bag to hold your electronics and paper essentials will keep then dry and safe at all times.
  • Solar powered electronics:  If you’ve going to spend the weekend camping at a festival such as Electric Forest, then you know that this means very limited access to electricity.  With no outlets to charge anything in your tent, a good investment would be anything solar powered. As the technology becomes more accessible, the more nifty things that there are to choose from. Amongst the most popular are solar powered grillers, charging pads, phone chargers and flashlights. Even though they might be a bit pricy, nothing beats free unlimited energy.
  • Battery packs: If you don’t have the chance to grab a solar powered charging station, no  worry. Most festival, such as TomorrowWorld  now have vendors that sell you a souvenir battery packs but for a fraction of the price, you can grab one at any convenience or electronics store. These little AA battery sized blocks will charge your phone in as little as thirty minutes. They’re easy to carry anywhere and your friends will thank you when you’re the only one left with battery at the end of the night.
  • Walkie Talkies: Most festivals have cell phone towers throughout the venue but even with that, reception may be hard to find. Your phone may break, get stolen or lost. Maybe you’re on the Mad Decent Boat Party with no reception at sea. The best way to communicate with friends at any venue is via Walkie-talkie. They have long lasting power that can communicate you and your friends within a three mile radius. They’re easy to find at a thrift shop or any second had electronic store for pretty decent price.
  • Totem poles or helium balloon: So you’re a free spirit and don’t want a phone or walkie to have to go through the hassle of finding someone. Let others find you. Get creative and make your own pole to bring into the venue. There has been memes, light up pictures, Skrillex UFOs, glitter signs, dancing flamingoes and many other things on top of long poles at festivals so groups can stay together and find each other.  If you don’t want to hold a stick all day, a helium balloon with long string is another good way to be found. Tie it up to your belt or fanny pack and you’ll be a walking meet up point.