Kill Paris is back with new LP – Galaxies Between Us

Galaxies Between Us - Kill Paris LP
Galaxies Between Us – Kill Paris LP

If you want to find an album to jam out to while going on a long drive with your windows up on a nice summer night, this is it. Kill Paris is back with a new LP featuring ten tracks that find a way to infuse the old with the new to create a one of a kind experience. All of the tracks on “Galaxies Between Us” have this 80s vibe with synthetic beats that create a funky and groovy interrelation between all the songs.

Strong instruments create a vibey and upbeat sound that could take you to a chill summer night while the electro samples that are hidden in every measure bring energy that surprise you. Given that the talented Corey Baker, aka Kill Paris, tends to play his key-tar live,he does not hold back. He merges not-so-random rhythms between melodies making it a different thrill to listen to each song .

Operate; the main single that was released before the full album; features Royal whose smooth vocals combined with deep drums create a solid track. The song lets you enjoy and appreciate all the different layers of melodies incorporated to make a single tune. A definite favorite would be What Im Feelin’.  This track has a “trappy” vibe that goes hard while still maintaining the cool tempo that is so particular to the album.

You can decide which tack is your favorite by taking advantage of the free download, compliments of Kill Paris’ new label “Sexy Electric”. With the intentions of bringing the fans “quality and unique music for free”, the album is up for grabs. You can get your copy by following the link below.