Seven Lions Summer of the Occult Tour RECAP

DSC_0011Seven Lions has been on tour this summer bringing his best. The Californian producer best known for his singles ‘Worlds Apart‘ and ‘Don’t Leave‘, has been going at it on his Summer of the Occult Tour. Like in performances and tours before, he’s been showcasing his beautifully dark originals with a new edge that don’t compare to past years.

Seven Lions is an amazing songwriter and producer that oozes in talent. He’s known for his beautifully produced songs that make you feel. On a show of his about 2 years ago, I got the chance to see him live at Ultra 2013 as part of the OWLSA stage. He played the best electro that mixed perfectly with his originals. It was consistently fluid and was overall dark, full of bass and slow but highlighted in energy with overpowering lyrics.

This time around,  at the small venue in downtown Miami, the perforce began with his best originals including ‘Days to Come’. He had a full house and the energy was thought the roof after a very trappy opening by the previous DJ. The mixes of his bassy songs began to lead off into trap mixes. The set continued into hardstyle kind songs that were followed by more trap. The tunes from his latest albums were scarce and not familiar to the crowd in comparison to all the ‘hype’ music.

The set continued to be one of trap and hardstyle where an original was thrown in every 14 minutes or so. After a good attempt at keeping up and hoping to hear that old electro and dubstep, the set was over and so was my initial image of Seven Lions.

This tour seems to have its own style in comparison to past tours. His songs are generally similar in style, a style which consists of heavy bass, airy dubstep that is supported by beautiful lyrics and trance under layers. His CDs have a distinct sound that intrigue many music fans due to the unique style Jeff Montalvo has created.

Now, with trap and other genres higher in popularity than dubstep, its not strange to hear these sound in most sets. Seven Lions added what was good at the moment and mixed it perfectly. This tour, mixing different genres that are so different in attitude changes things up a bit. It showed that as an artist, he has progressed and caters to the audience while still creating unique music that he separately releases in his EPs.

Catch him on the these dates for the remaining shows !

Seven Lions - Falling Away Feat. Lights (Casablanca Records)