run river northMaking their debut in 2011, formally known as Monsters Calling Home, Run River North is a Korean-American alternative/indie band. Consisting of 6 members, Run River North makes music inspired by their parents backgrounds. Traveling around California playing small shows was the beginning of their career. Following the band filming a music video in Honda cars, the car company gave the young band an opportunity to play a gig on Jimmy Kimmel Live, continuing their life in the spotlight.

Their self-titled album is full of soft and classic alternative sounds. Run River North has a growing fan base, gathering hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. “Growing Up”, released three years ago, is a fan favorite with almost half a million views. Their success does not stop here, they keep moving and growing whether it be releasing albums and songs like “Run or Hide” or touring the world. Run River North is a band to keep an eye on as they make their way through the ears of the world.