Summer may be over, but that’s not an excuse to let your summer energy go. We’ve created the perfect upbeat yoga vinyasa flow to keep you pumped and centered at the same time. Whether you are practicing at home on your own or teaching a hot yoga class, this playlist will certainly give you the best harmony of excitement and zen. The music in this mix isn’t just for yoga it could be used for any workout that requires you to warm up, workout, and warm down.


To start with this vinyasa yoga playlist will give you super chill lounge vibe to get yours in the right mindset. The songs continue to build up to a more intense workout as the beat per minutes increase. A lot of the tunes are within the year. However, we’ve thrown a couple of oldies remix including the KYGO spin of Take On Me.

Music during your yoga session should flow like an album. The wrong tunes or shuffle can create a sloppy practice and take you out of your zone. If you’ve ever had a yoga class that didn’t feel synced up, there’s a chance the playlist was off or too random. We hope you find this playlist to be assembled and tailored to your needs. The music in this vinyasa flow playlist is meant for a fast pace moving yoga session which gets your heart pumping and flowing. It’s perfect for morning sun salutations to get your heart chakras and awareness open in the moment.