PREVIEW: Coachella 2018 – Beyond Eminem, Beyoncé, The Weeknd

I’ve come to measure my years not by the arrival of January 1st, but rather by the arrival of the annual Coachella lineup announcement. This year is no different than any other in regards to the amount of disappointment plenty of people feel the need to express, but it is different in regards to the diversity of the lineup, including a list of headliners that for the first time in a while features not only no big time reunions, but also no rock acts. Let’s take a look at some of the smaller font talent featured for the multi-weekend event.





PVRIS – Have you always liked Paramore’s music, but wish it was more influenced by Goth and Industrial music? Well, you’re in luck! Friday sees alt-punk scene darlings PVRIS take the stage early, and while the sunlight might not be their best friend, the stage sure is. Singer Lynn Gunn has the confidence of a seasoned vet, and the vocal range all the same. This band is definitely a must see to start your weekend.

PVRIS - What's Wrong (Official Music Video)


BROCKHAMPTON – Earning a reputation as the worlds new Odd Future, the hip-hop posse released not one, not two, but THREE new albums in 2017. Each one got better than its previous effort, so if their live show is anything like their recorded material, 2018 will be a whirlwind. Just don’t let them burn up all your energy before Beyonce.





The Bronx – Speaking of burning energy, these guys are like the live equivalent of a shot of vodka Red Bull. Imagine if AC/DC wrote pseudo-hardcore punk rock songs. Singer Matt Caughthran is a force to be reckoned with, notorious for jumping off stage and getting into the pit with his microphone.  A great way to kick the night off.

The Bronx - Two Birds (Official Video)




Perfume GeniusNo Shape was one of 2017’s most beautifully personal albums, and Mike Hadreas is not afraid to bring his baggage on stage with him, in the best way possible. Nothing wrong with shedding a few tears in the desert, come let it out.

Perfume Genius - 'Slip Away' (Official Video)



Cherry Glazerr – There may not be a lot of rock in the headlining spots, but it’s all over the smaller fonts, and the ladies are dominating it. Cherry Glazerr were slept on a little bit in 2017 with the excellent Apocalipstick. If you like your rock mellow and surf ready, look no further. Think early Dum Dum Girls meets Diet Cig.

Cherry Glazerr - Told You I'd Be With The Guys (Official Video)



Big Thief – Keeping the spotlight on female fronted rock groups, Big Thief lived up to their name, stealing spots on many best of year end lists, (and deservedly so,) with their album Capacity. These guys are sure to blow up over the next year or so, now’s your chance to say you saw them before other people knew who they were, like the cool kid you were always destined to be.

Big Thief - Paul [Official Audio]




X Japan – These guys are one of the biggest bands in Japan, so it’s pretty wild that they’re on so early in the day. Their music mixes the best elements of glam, metal, and punk, and their stage show does the same. Certainly guaranteed to be one of the wildest shows all weekend.




FIDLAR – Another high energy set for sure, FIDLAR have gotten the tip of the hat from Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, who is essentially genre royalty at this point. FIDLAR haven’t released anything since 2015, so a new album is sure to be on the horizon for these dudes. This might be a good chance to catch some new tunes!