VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Talkie Perform Acoustic, Talk ‘Everything Matters’

San Francisco Bay Area band, Talkie, released Everything Matters earlier this year, their second full album release in a year, following up 2018’s Fundamental Things. It’s no coincidence, as both albums were pretty much written and recorded during the same timeframe. The band had numerous songs written prior to Fundamental Things but after they were nearly completed, there was a clearly a difference in their vibe. The band stated, “We started this one at the same time we started the last one because they were supposed to be one. But then when we were looking at the songs, we said, these don’t go together at all. So we broke them up and took some songs that we had in the can and reworked some and now we have two totally different albums.”

Talkie recently performed “Eraser” and “Bummer Summerrr” for B-Sides and also talked about Everything Matters and more. Check out the interview:

Talkie Talks Sound Synesthesia of 'Everything Matters', Live Performances

Talkie Perform "Bummer Summerrr" Acoustic

Talkie Performs "Eraser" Acoustic