From performing at numerous festivals like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and the newly added Not So Silent Night, not to mention supporting Spoon and The Struts, White Reaper are living up to their 2017 record The World’s Best American Band. With the recent release of their third studio album and major label debut, You Deserve Love on Elektra Records, White Reaper continues to grow their burgeoning fanbase. Formed in the fertile DIY scene of Louisville, KY, White Reaper cut their teeth playing a number of local and regional shows that landed them a record deal and the release of their eponymous debut EP. Originally a trio consisting of Tony Esposito (vocals/guitar) and twin brothers Nick (drums) and Sam Wilkerson (bass), the band would eventually add guitarist Hunter Thompson and keyboardist Ryan Hater and elevated their reputation as energetic and engaging live performers. Approaching You Deserve Love with the live element in mind, bassist Sam Wilkerson stated: “Our new record sounds like the original demos. We were hyper prepared. By the time we were in the studio, we were pretty much done.” White Reaper added, “The backbone of the recording process is making the record feel live.”

B-Sides met up with White Reaper at Cornerstone in Berkeley, CA during their current headline tour to talk the new album, experimenting with new sounds and more. Check out the interview:

White Reaper Talk Bringing Live Element To 'You Deserve Love',

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