When 070 Shake postponed her North American tour this past fall, there was much disappointment but a silver lining could be found. Her debut album ‘Modus Vivendi’ was set to be released January 17, 2020 and so, who knows how much of it was to be performed live and what type of show she would have put on. Fast forward to February 2020, and the album is out, fans are familiar with the material and nearly every date has sold out since the start of tour(which would’ve sold out regardless). Saturday night’s show at The Parish in Austin was raucous and filled with energy even before 070 Shake took the stage. 070 Shake (born Danielle Balbuena) took the stage in sunglasses, a dark jacket and red pants to loud cheers from a younger crowd, as evident from the stamped ‘X’s on people’s hands. Starting with “Don’t Break The Silence” and going into “Come Around”, 070 Shake amped up an audience who was already jumping and dancing. It wasn’t long until the sunglasses and jacket came off and 070 Shake was ready to jump and dance along with the crowd as she sang while reaching into the crowd every so often. With strobe lighting behind her, it was just 070 Shake on stage with her fans, who were singing along quite loudly. If there was a theme to the show, it was an appreciation for life as she acknowledged the recent passings of basketball great Kobe Bryant and rapper Pop Smoke and stated, “you don’t know what tomorrow brings, so just enjoy the moment.” Eliciting cheers in betwen sets, there were moments from the back of the crowd that the audience was singing almost as loud as her, especially as they sang nearly every lyric to “Morrow”. Songs like “Microdosing” and “Under The Moon” were highlighted by 070 Shake’s vocals with soft lighting that really brought out the emotions of the lyrics. 070 Shake capped off the night with “Ghost Town”, the song that she collaborated with Kanye West on, and also introduced her to the world. It wrapped up a fun night of dancing, singing and the excitement of witnessing an artist with immense talent who’s just getting started.