The third studio album from Hinds, ‘The Prettiest Curse’ was just released to much anticiaption. The Madrid-based band comprised of Ana Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin, and Amber Grimbergen stretched out with an experimental approach creating fuller-sounding instrumentation that evokes a pop sound including some synthesizer to go along with their signature garage rock roots. “It wasn’t a decision that we wanted to go pop,” Perrote stated, while also referencing her desire to sing more versus the band’s trademark yells and to utilize the keyboards more. The band recently released their cover of “Spanish Bombs”, originally done by The Clash, who is amongst the collective’s favorite bands and a song that they have covered in their live shows. They’re slated to perform at Outside Lands next year and will make an appearance at the festival’s InsideLands for a virtual performance.

B-Sides host, Pete Mar, spoke with Perrote about her musical journey that included convincing her parents who are in the medical field that her pursuit in music was worthwhile, dealing with sexism in the industry that inspired “Just Like Kids” (Miau) and more. Check out the interview:

HINDS - Ana Perrote Talks Musical Journey, Encountering Sexism

Hinds - Just Like Kids (Miau)