VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Holly Humberstone Talks Swapping Clothes With Fans, Debut EP – “It Took Ages To Discover What I Wanted To Do”

Rising UK artist Holly Humberstone recently dropped her debut EP Falling Asleep at the Wheel via Platoon to much anticipation. Her debut single, “Deep End” quickly amassed millions of streams shortly after its release back in January, just ahead of a slew of European tour dates opening for Lewis Capaldi. Fast forward to the release of follow-up singles “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” and “Overkill” over the course of the last few months and Humberstone’s profile continues to rise, with her music garnering well over 40 million streams to date. Humberstone grew up with her three sisters in Grantham, England who were all encouraged by their parents to explore their creative side, even though both parents were doctors for Britain’s National Health Service. Influenced by the poetry books she was raised on and the wide spectrum of music played around the house ranging from Led Zeppelin and Radiohead to Celine Dion and Regina Spektor, it took time for Humberstone to find a sound that she felt most represented her, as she stated, “It took a lot of experimentation and a lot of really bad songs to come out before really finding who I was within the music.” She continued, “I remember writing “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” and just being like, ‘light bulb moment’ this is me, this is the direction I want to go in.” Humberstone has been keeping busy even as touring has been halted, as she’s released various acoustic performance videos and covers on YouTube and also plans to release new music within the coming months.

Holly Humberstone spoke with Pete Mar about the making of the debut EP, how she started clothes-swapping with fans and more.

Holly Humberstone - Falling Asleep At The Wheel (Official Video)