With so much new music coming out every week, it can be hard to know what to listen to first. Every week, we highlight some of our favorite tracks to kick off your weekend. The best way to keep up with our selections is by following our ‘New Music On-Repeat’ playlist on Spotify. This week’s picks include tracks from Jorja Smith, Two Feet, London Grammar, and more!

1. SHAED – “Part Time Psycho” ft. Two Feet
DC based indie pop trio SHAED worked with Two Feet, aka Zachary Dess, the well-known seductive singer-songwriter. These two artists may seem like an interesting mix, but on “Part Time Psycho” the blend of their distinct sounds works perfectly. The beginning of the track begins with lead vocalist Chelsea Lee’s jazzy and bright timbre underscored by a sultry pop beat reminiscent of Britney Spears’ prime. The darker undercurrent in the song is definitely the work of Dess, and though it maintains a sunny pop feel, by the time his sultry influence really shines in the second half of the song, it doesn’t feel out of place, rather adding a refreshing depth to the track.

2. Porter Robinson – “Musician”
“Musician” is the final single from Porter Robinson’s upcoming album ‘Nurture’, the first he will release in seven years. The album is set to come out April 23rd, and the singles Robinson’s released so far have poised it to be a great LP. “Musician” features high-pitched processed vocals that don’t detract from the emotional core of the song. This track is more similar to Robinson’s past work than other singles from ‘Nurture’, lending itself to be a fan favorite.

3. Hunter Moreau – “Hazy”
Rising songstress Hunter Moreau’s “Hazy” begins with a distant vocal surrounded by lush pop production. Her lyricism conjures images of an up-and-down summer romance, a popular vignette as the seasons change. But what really makes this track is the subtle production elements that build upon each other, until the final chorus crescendo. Each element, from the fleeting psychedelic guitar riff to the reverb filled oohs and aahs, culminates in an explosion of energy that is sure to make you hit repeat.

4. Brent Faiyaz – “Show U Off”
Singer-songwriter/producer Brent Faiyaz released some phenomenal music in 2020, with his track “Dead Man Walking” amassing over 70 million streams on Spotify, largely due to its TikTok virality. Faiyaz’s sound transcends R&B, melding jazz, rock, and alternative into his velvety songs. “Show U Off” is a syrupy smooth jam that is brightened by the unique plucky instrumental.

5. Against the Current – “weapon”
Pop-rock trio Against the Current first gained popularity on YouTube with their electric covers. Since then, the band released two full albums, but took a hiatus from releasing music for two years before coming back with “that won’t save us” last year. This new track “weapon” is about fighting an internal battle, and the angst-driven, fast-paced pop punk song definitely conveys the turmoil of turning against yourself.

6. Jorja Smith – “Addicted”
English songstress Jorja Smith is back with another new single “Addicted”. Smith’s mature, cooing voice is really the showstopper on all of her records, and that carries through onto “Addicted” in which Smith sings about craving a lover who is utterly “addicted” to her. It’s tender insecurity that fills the sentiment of “Addicted”, yet Smith is able to not fall into simplicity or reduction, maintaining the substantial soothing voice she’s crafted.

7. London Grammar – “How Does It Feel”
Double Platinum English band London Grammar blends elements of funk, electronic, and dance into their indie-pop aesthetic. Their new track “How Does It Feel” comes just before the release of their new record ‘California Soil’ next month. Lead vocalist Hannah Reid provides soaring vocals on this jubilant track.

8. Hey Violet – “Friends Like This”
Pop music is a playground for Los Angeles trio Hey Violet. Their new song “Friends Like This” takes the best of modern pop production and blends in pop punk and rock elements for an edgier take on the genre.

9. Folie – “clean2” ft. Bean Boy
Folie made their debut last year on Dylan Brady (of 100 gecs) label Dog Show Records. The Chicago producer returns with the announcement of a new EP and this track “clean2”. This might not be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of nightcore, or looking for your fix of heavy hitting industrial tracks, this one is definitely worth a listen.

10. Vegyn – “B4 The Computer Crash”
British artist Vegyn wears many hats, producing, DJing, and working in graphic design. Gearing up for the release of his new EP ‘I See You Sometimes’, “B4 The Computer Crash” is the latest single he’s released in 2021. Experimental, vibrational, and revelatory, “B4 The Computer Crash” is an avant-garde electronic track that maintains the energy and ecstasy of the club scene.