Muzi, aka “The Zulu Skywalker” is a South African artist who is redefining what African music looks like in mainstream music. Since Muzi began making music in his hometown of Empangeni, he’s infused his cutting edge blend of urban electronica with the local sounds of Maskandi, Kwaito, Iscathamiya and Bumblegum Pop. This blend of genres and styles lends itself to music which is profoundly unique and exciting, which his 2018 album Afrovision proved. And he has legions of devoted fans across the globe who have fallen in love with his one-of-a-kind sound. But Muzi also has the support of his community behind him, who are so thrilled to see their native music being shared with international ears on a grand scale. He’s even been called a “genius” by Coldplay’s Chris Martin after his performance at Afropunk Paris. 

“When I’m in the studio, or I’m going through my weeks of just being fully creative, I’m just thinking about the music. I’m listening to things over and I know when I start to feel uplifted by it, then I’ve got it right, and then my listener is going to feel uplifted too. That’s really what I want,” says Muzi.

We cannot wait to hear his forthcoming fourth studio album Interblaktic, which is set for release this October. In the meantime, we sat down with the innovative artist to talk about the making of the record and more!