VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Alfie Templeman Talks Upcoming Debut Album, Growth As A Young Artist

The single, “Broken” was just released by Alfie Templeman and is his first new music of the year. “Broken” follows up his recent single, “3D Feelings” and his recent collaboration with Chloe Moriondo on “Dizzy”. Speaking about the new single, Templeman stated, “It’s a bit of an anthem for people my age really, all the wobbles of being a teenager and figuring yourself out. It’s about realizing that analyzing yourself is an important part of growing up.” The release coincides with the announcement of his debut album, titled ‘Mellow Moon’ that will be drop May 27th. Templeman shared that the material encapsulates the ups and downs throughout the last two years, as well as his perspectives leading up to his professional career as an artist. “Most of the time I write about things I don’t understand, things that are in my head that I’m trying to find an answer to but perhaps I can’t tell myself the answer to it, so I write a song” Templeman explained, “I’m not going to know every single thing that I’ve sang about yet, all the things I’m trying to figure out. At least I know a good portion of them so that’s why it feels like the right time to put out an album.” The British 19 year-old just wrapped up his debut North American headline tour at the end of 2021 and will be performing a handful of UK dates ahead of the release of his debut album.

Templeman spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about performing in front of U.S. audiences, his growth as a younger artist, how self-awareness has played a role in his songwriting, the upcoming debut LP and more.

Alfie Templeman - Broken (Official Video)