When their father was diagnosed with a terminal lung condition in pulmonary fibrosis, the brother duo of Saint PHNX found solace in making music and what resulted was the song “Happy Place”. The song has resonated with millions worldwide, garnering the band over 7.8 million streams and radio airplay. Lead singer Stevie Jukes stated, “He kept saying, ‘Just don’t stop. Keep going. You have to finish your music. You have to finish what you started’,” says Stevie. “On the day we finished the song, we got a phone call he was going to pass away, so we went to the hospital to say goodbye one last time. We played him the song on his death bed, and it was very comforting. Not long after, the song and the story made it to Atlantic Records.” Along with his brother, Alan, the Glasgow duo has been making music together since they were kids when their late father introduced them to Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and U2. Officially forming SAINT PHNX in 2016, their single “KING” garnered over 20 million Spotify streams and landed them opening slots for Yungblud, Lewis Capaldi, Imagine Dragons and many others. The EP ‘Happy Place’ follows up their independent full-length debut, ‘DDMN’ that was released in 2020.

Saint PHNX spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about the success of their song “Happy Place” and its eponymous EP, the dynamics of being brothers in a band, their father’s legacy and more.

SAINT PHNX - Happy Place (Official Video)