Clairo returned to San Francisco with two amazing shows filled with solid musicianship and interpretations of songs. Accompanied by a strong backing band, Clairo kicked off the set with “Bambi” that immediately engulfed the audience’s attention. The follow-up “Zinnias” got the crowd moving as the cheers would last throughout the night, especially when songs like “Bags” and “Alewife” were performed. With a solid mix of her older material and more recent releases, Clairo engaged with the audience frequently, taking some of the gifts and letters they hoped to get to her. Joined by opener Arlo Parks, Clairo’s performance of “Blouse” was a highlight of the night, as was the popular “Amoeba” and “Pretty Girl”. Ending with “Sofia” Clairo was active going back and forth to engage with the crowd almost as if she was just part of the crowd herself and singing along.

Check out some of our favorite moments: