SINGLE REVIEW: Hemlocke Springs’ Debut Song “gimme all ur luv”

Welcome to the era of Hemlocke Springs. Her first single “gimme all ur luv” skyrocketed in popularity on TikTok, and rightfully so with the song’s fun and upbeat nature.

The snap of the snare immediately grabs the eardrums into a head-bobbing trance. Then, a few seconds later, the head-bobbing sensation intensifies with the addition of a percussive xylophone. The echo in her main vocal accentuates the sassy enunciation of her words. Hemlocke Springs’ soft and raspy tone coupled with percussive instrumentation is similar to Grimes’. (In fact, Grimes took notice of the new artist, commenting on TikTok!)

The instruments continue to build with the eight-notes of an electronic keyboard into the pre-chorus. When the chorus finally hits, a bubble-machine-like phaser trickles through the angelic and smooth vocal lines. Her ad libs of “vroom vroom” are reminiscent of Coco & Clair Clair’s articulation. The “shoop-wop’s” to the end transport the song into the 50’s and 60’s. Yet, the instruments retain the aura of 80’s disco.

Spotify has already placed “gimme all ur luv”  into popular playlists, including “Lorem” and “Fresh Finds Indie”. Hemlocke Springs is an artist to follow in the upcoming scene of bedroom pop musicians. Her captivating, nostalgic, and innovative sound is sure to capture all of our “luv”.