‘honey catching season’ is the latest EP from KiNG MALA that was released on October 14th. The music on the nine-track EP is an encapsulation of what she describes as her journey towards self-love. Songs like “cult leader” demonstrate a sense of confidence that the El Paso musician born Areli Castro stated, “being able to go in and write something from that perspective of ‘I’m the best alive’ was so fun and I’m so happy that it connected with people.” she continued, “I had been feeling terrible for weeks and really down on myself and I was like ‘today I’m going full 180 and try to be the most confident and brazen version of myself.” It’s resonated with a growing audience who are inspired by the masculine tropes in her music- she would share, “There’s something about taking something traditionally masculine and wearing it as a woman that makes me feel really powerful.”

A graduate of the Independent Artist program at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA, KiNG MALA made a big impression in 2021 with the song “she calls me daddy”. The song sees the songwriter claiming her sexuality and putting expectant men in their place. The song narrates her experience of men trying to steal her girl right in front of her eyes. KiNG MALA describes this as “a sucky reality of being in a queer relationship.”

KiNG MALA spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about her new EP, performing in front of her friends and family for the first time in years, songwriters who she admires and more.

King Mala Says Songwriting Makes Her Feel Most Brazen Version Of Herself, Talks New EP

KiNG MALA - martyr