PHOTO REVIEW: Dora Jar – San Francisco, CA 11/22/2022

Dora Jar made quite a splash over the last couple of years, with her EP ‘Digital Meadow’ garnering quite a bit of exposure. The native New Yorker spent part of her childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, where experiencing events like the Bridge School Benefit would serve as an inspiration and influence to her. Now after opening up for Billie Eilish earlier this year, Jar has spent the majority of November on her own headlining tour. Her show in San Francisco Wednesday night was quite a homecoming for the 26 year old. The packed crowd was represented by a wide variety of ages with those with X’s on their hands up front to some older folks in the back near the bar. Regardless of age, the audience was overwhelming entertained by Jar, who emerged in a jacket and bucket hat that covered her eyes as she got into “Wizard”. Jar was animated throughout her set, as she was dancing, moving her arms expressively to the music. Noting her ties to the Bay Area and the aspect of the hometown show, she elicited loud cheers from the crowd, who sung along quietly to “Scab Song” and “Bumble Bee”. Other standouts like “Garden” and “Look Back” had people closing their eyes and singing along at times, representing how connected the audience was to her music. There were plenty of moments of dancing and jumping along as Jar would have some in the audience sing in the mic enthusiastically. It was a thrill for such audience members as she did just that in the closing song, “Polly” that had people fist-pumping and dancing along, a suitable ending for a talented artists whose career is on the rise.