‘Falling Out / Falling In’ is the latest EP from Zolita, which dropped in February and features the new single and video “Crazy Ex.” The song and video are a part of an overarching theme of a relationship gone sour and its aftermath as the video shows Zolita acting on every toxic impulse she experiences in the wake of her breakup from lead single “20 Questions.” The “Crazy Ex” music video sees an out-of-character Zolita disguising herself, tracking her ex’s location, sabotaging a new relationship, and even breaking into a Coyote Ugly style choreographed dance. Other tracks on the EP such as “Drunk With Your Exes” and “For The Both of Us” unpacks the hurt, confusion, and joyful process of falling out of love, getting over someone, and falling in love with someone else. “Thematically it’s the most unhinged – and came to be when I imagined what my breakup would have been like had I been ‘the crazy ex’ and acted on every petty impulse I had,” Zolita shared. Born in New York and California raised, Zolita (nee Zoë Hoetzel) was raised on a steady diet of bluegrass music from her father, a German immigrant. Her earliest musical explorations began in this space, until she discovered another passion of hers: film. In 2012 Zolita began to embark on her artist project, with a twofold mission to create music as well as self-directed music videos to go along with it. Zolita will take to the stage at U.S. festivals this summer including Governors Ball in New York City and Boston Calling.

Zolita spoke with B-Sides host about her new EP ‘Falling Out/Falling In’, how visuals and storytelling come early into her songwriting process, meeting fans in-person after going viral and more.

Zolita - 20 Questions (Official Music Video)