ON-RADAR: Little Image Ready For Proper Introduction On Upcoming Debut Album

Texas native band little image is a trio of Jack Simmons, Troy Bruner, and Brandon Walters. According to lore of the band’s history, they’ve been together for eight years and bonded over their love for underground indie rock, but the lockdown truly helped them discover their personal sound and how they want to perceived by the world. During the last few months, the indie rock trio have been promoting their debut album SELF-TITLED (releasing May 12th through Hollywood Records) via social media and their current tour with Colony House with photographer Tyler Krippaehne.

Many have found the band through a YouTube ad, which promoted their single “OUT OF MY MIND”, leading many to find their other banger, “WORTH IT”, both of which are on their upcoming album. Their songs are true indie pop-rock with similar styles to Dayglow, Hippo Campus, and Arlie, and an undeniable sense of young adult angst. Closely following the lyrics of “OUT OF MY MIND”, specifically “I don’t know if I’m going crazy / Sometimes I get a little, get a little hazy”, the music video is electric, creative, and out-of-body. With “WORTH IT”, the trio amplifies their own insecurities tied with how social media controls and enforces those insecurities no matter the cost. little image expresses their irritation over discovering personal self worth through the rapidly changing pace of life and societal expectations. Hearing “Something in your body / Telling you maybe you’re not so bold” gave me the feeling that little image is here to stay and their beginning is one to watch out for. The reflectiveness and pessimistic grit of the track is indicative of the band’s time spent discovering themselves as people and a band during lockdown.

little image - OUT OF MY MIND (Official Music Video)

From the sound and feel of their singles, tight-knit Dallas trio little image have created music that goes beyond them on their new album.