VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Loren Gray Says She Appreciates Family More Turning 21, Finds Confidence, Freedom On Debut LP

Social media magnate and independent artist Loren Gray released her debut album, ‘Guilty’ on April 21st to much anticipation, marking the first collection of new material after numerous single releases throughout the last five years. The album features Gray on full display as a songwriter and in control of the direction of her music after stints on major labels, Virgin Records and Capitol Records. The title track, “Guilty,” dives into Gray’s struggle with depression while “Told You So,” outlines her own self-assurance and sensuality. “I always wrote poetry growing up,” Gray shared, “It took being in the right environment under the right circumstances to believe in myself and be confident in my abilities to write music and that’s sort of where I’m at now. The album was that turning point for me.” With her newfound confidence in creating music, Gray now tackles the live performance aspect of the new material. Having only performed a few songs in front of a live audience during conventions in the past, her upcoming tour with Hunter Hayes will mark the first time that Gray will perform her own material in front of a large crowd. “I’ve been really nervous about it but I’m excited because I feel like this is the time where people can actually see what I’m capable of,” Gray shared, “I’ve always held myself to a really high standard and that’s helped me a lot so I just have to keep reminding myself, ‘you’re capable, you can do this.'” Her tour dates with Hunter Hayes on his ‘Red Sky’ U.S. tour goes throughout May, with stops all along the East Coast, including New York City at the Gramercy Theatre.

In a wide ranging interview, Loren Gray speaks with B-Sides host Pete Mar about turning 21 and her stronger appreciation for her family and the sacrifices they made for her career. She delves into the experience of being signed to a major record label, the conflicting interests which led her to going independent, anticipation for touring for the first time and more.

Loren Gray - Enough For You (Official Video)