Emerging Artist Neriah Continues String of New Music, Shares New Single “Paris” From Forthcoming Debut LP

Emerging artist Neriah just dropped her new single “Paris” this past Friday, via NERIAH Records / Lowly & Create Music Group. The track features Trevor Daniel and is a taste of the Los Angeles native’s upcoming debut album, due later this year. “Paris” is a reflection of a past relationship, as Neriah stated “is a song about falling head-over-heels for someone in the city of love, but then having to leave them behind and never seeing them again. The lyrics capture the feeling of being confused about why it worked so well at first, but then it just fizzled out. The melody is really upbeat and anthemic, making you feel all the feels. If you’ve ever had to say goodbye to someone you loved, this song will definitely hit home.” The singer/songwriter has been quite busy during the early part of 2023, having released her EP ‘No One Cries Forever’ in March and the single “Even If It Hurts in April, both of which follows a couple of live performances in Montreal, Toronto, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Touring for the first time as an artist, after having performed for many years was what Neriah noted as a fun and new learning experience, stating, “it was so much fun especially playing in New York. Growing up I’d been there so many times but to be there to play was such a different experience.” The live performances gave Neriah a different perspective with how the live aspects can influence her recordings- “it was so motivating because it brings the songs into a different light and now when I’m in the studio, right now we just starting to finish an album and it’s like, how is this going to sound live.”

The experience of performing live in front of audiences in different cities is a new experience for Neriah even though she was accustomed to performing covers and sharing her life as a vlogger on YouTube as a teenager. “I think it was just something about being in front of the camera so many times especially on YouTube that I just loved it and it was definitely a switch to be in-person but there’s nothing more that I love than getting on a stage and performing,” Neriah stated, “I’m more excited to do it than nervous now.” Ten years since she first started posting videos about her various interests in fashion, music and day-in-the-life recaps, Neriah continues to post to the channel to this day, albeit more musically focused on her original material. “I love editing videos, I love vlogs and even now still I do vlogs all the time”, she stated that her fans, affectionally known as “Noodles”, make the experience rewarding, “I just love having that connection and building a community.” Nowadays, Neriah has even more to share as she’s posted videos recapping her experiences in the studio, performing at festivals and various shows along with personal life updates.

As the offspring of a notable Hollywood personalities, her mother television personality/actress Brooke Burke and father ‘Extreme Makeover’ plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, Neriah has demonstrated a strong work ethic and focus throughout her life and musical career. Even starting in middle school where she was the only one in her class making vlogs, she withstood bullying from classmates and held true to what she was passionate about. The experience didn’t deter her from chasing her dreams, graduating a year early from Loyola Marymount University with a business degree. “That was important to me because my parents both came from nothing and worked so hard and they were like you have all these amazing things in your life and I’ve been so blessed and even to have so many experiences as I did growing up and all the opportunities but they were like, you’re not getting anything from me. You’re gonna do it yourself and I was always prepared and was like I don’t need anything,” Neriah shared. The combination of her determination and business degree would come in handy when she released her single “Loner” in late 2020 and found herself having to do much of the marketing and promotion herself, something that would continue throughout the following year before the world would steadily open back up. The experience has empowered Neriah, giving her the freedom and confidence in the vision she wants to create with her music without compromise. The combination of having shared her life online for nearly ten years, along with using music as an outlet to express her emotions from personal relationships, she has no inhibitions when it comes to being vulnerable in her songwriting. Her more recent singles and collections are filled with material about past relationships and breakups. “Music has always been therapeutic for me and when I write, it’s always for myself, I write it for me,” Neriah stated.

Neriah is working on her debut album that will consist of twenty-four songs, due to be released later this year and will encapsulate what she describes as a journey through the ups-and-downs of a personal relationship. Based upon the singles released thus far this year, there will be many who will be able to relate to the experiences that she’ll be sharing.

NERIAH - "Shoulda, Coulda, Didn't" (Official Visualizer)