VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Genevieve Stokes Says Viral Part of “Habits” Was Written As An Afterthought

Genevieve Stokes released her new EP ‘Catching Rabbits’ in April to much anticipation amid the viral success of the song “Habits”. The track has garnered over 50 million streams internationally since its release in August of last year. The singer/songwriter noted that the portion of the song that is used on TikTok was a last minute revision to the song that was still unfinished. Stokes noted, “the part that went viral on TikTok was actually an afterthought really because I wrote the the verses and the chorus and then I went to record demos to send to Atlantic,” she explained however, that she had felt like it still needed something, “I came up with that ‘on again off again’ section and I remember showing it to my sister and being like do you think this is corny, I don’t know if I even like it. She was like ‘I love that’ so it came together really last minute.” The song itself was one that Stokes describes as a stream of consciousness, “flowing from feelings of self-pity and boredom to my worries about an emotionally turbulent relationship. It’s about longing for change after a dark winter,” she explained. ‘Catching Rabbits’ reflects a lot of that introspection and is an uplifting take on the phrase ‘chasing rabbits’ which she said is “that it’s possible to achieve what seems out of reach, and to escape the tempting illusions of the mind.” Hailing from Portland, Maine, Stokes just wrapped up a few select headlining dates across the U.S. after spending much of the past year touring alongside other artists including Noah Kahan, Briston Maroney, Sarah Kinsley, and Charlie Burg.

Genevieve Stokes spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about the viral success of her song “Habits” and how the popular clip was a mere afterthought. She spoke about meeting fans in person during her recent tour, the new EP ‘Catching Rabbits’ and more.

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