Electronic duo SOFI TUKKER have been on a tear in 2023, as they have performed at high profile festivals thus far, that have included Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Governors Ball, and Bonnaroo with more to come in Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, Osheaga and a slew of performances throughout Europe. Comprised of Sophie Hawley-Weld & Tucker Halpern, SOFI TUKKER recently released the single, “TROMPA” that features Hawley-Weld singing in Portuguese and Suriname vocals by Sunnery James. The song is based around a sample by MPB músical popular Brasiliera artists Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti and the video for it captures SOFI TUKKER during their Carnaval adventure in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year, alongside footage of Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. “Sophie sings the vocal part from a 1980’s samba song by Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti. I (Sophie) remember hearing at the samba de rodas I used to go to in Rio with my friends… it was one of those songs everyone knew and sang along to together at our ritual musical jams, everyone either dancing samba or playing an instrument. When I hear it now, years later, it still brings me right back to that time and place,” Tucker Halpern shared. “Ever since making it, it’s been a staple in our dj sets. And just as we expected, it makes people unconsciously shake their asses on another level! We’ve played it with Sunnery and Ryan at Tomorrowland in Belgium, we’ve performed it at Coachella, it has been a part of our peak experiences, and with the original inspiration being so nostalgic for Sophie, to say we are excited to finally put it out is an understatement!” Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano noted, “It’s been a wonderful ride getting to the moment now that we are finally releasing ‘TROMPA’ with our friends SOFI TUKKER. We started working on this more than a year ago, through a mutual love and appreciation of each other’s music. When Sophie came with the Brazilian Portuguese lyrics the rest flowed seamlessly. It’s such a great vibe and energy that we believe really reflects what we’re all about – all four of us. We’ve been playing the track for some time in our live shows and it’s a highlight. Our fans have been asking for ages when it will be released, so now it finally is. We’re very proud of this song.” There is more new music on the horizon from SOFI TUKKER in the near future as they simultaneously tour throughout the rest of the year.

SOFI TUKKER speaks with B-Sides host Pete Mar about performing at Bonnaroo 2023, their experience at Carnaval earlier this year, how Brazil influences their music and more.

SOFI TUKKER at Bonnaroo 2023

SOFI TUKKER x Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - TROMPA (Official Lyric Video)