LIVE REVIEW: Annie DiRusso & Hannah Cole – Dallas, TX 06/28/2023

After moving the Texas dates to the end of ‘God, I Love This Tour’, Annie DiRusso finally reached Dallas with an electric show Wednesday night. Following the release of her recent EP God, I Hate This Place, the Nashville-based artist began touring the angsty record with emotional tracks meant to be heard live. Each track is more honest and vulnerable than the last, including the references to her childhood and the transition from college student to post-grad.







Embracing the tone and meaning of DiRusso’s EP, the stage was covered with various objects replicating her bedroom. The stunning backdrop added to Annie and her band’s intensity when playing songs such as “Body”, “Nauseous”, and “Frisco Forever.” Beginning with track one “Emerson”, the fiery energy radiated throughout the audience and the band. Using each moment to connect with her fans, Annie focused on creating a space for everyone to release their frustrations resonating in her songs and life in general.On stage, she and her bandmates were rocking out together in their own private world while still interacting with the crowd. Halfway during the set, the singer noticed a girl wearing a skirt matching the dresses worn by the band.








Through a seamless transition from song to song, DiRusso played older songs such as “20”, “Infinite Jest”, and fan favorite “Nine Months”. Before playing the latter two songs, Annie acknowledged how they reflect her opposing feelings on the same relationship. The night finished with both the crowd and Annie screaming the lyrics of encore songs “Call It All Off” and “Coming Soon”.







Supporting the tour was fellow Nashville-based indie singer Hannah Cole, the crowd immediately welcome her soft vocals paired with vibrant instrumentals. In just a few minutes, Hannah’s smooth nostalgic songwriting captivated the audience, especially “Space Between the Bed and the Wall” from her 2022 EP Cradle. As she and her band geared up to play “Hilda”, named after her grandmother, Hannah joked how the unreleased song was actually about her. Along with these songs, Hannah sung upcoming songs from her new project Big Bite including the title track and single “Nuisance.”