VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Beach Weather Says Viral Exposure Came At A Good Time In Their Lives, Talk Debut Album, Touring

The trio of Beach Weather has been riding high from the recent success of their song “Sex, Drugs, etc.” having gone viral online. The track, originally released in 2016, got a new lease on life when it was used in the Spanish-language Netflix teen drama Control Z in 2020. From there, users on TikTok took the song, making it into their own and brought the band back together, who were on a hiatus since 2017 to pursue solo projects. The moment was surreal to say the least, as their time away from each other had been extensive due to the pandemic. Band members , Nick Santino [vocals, guitar], Reeve Powers [bass], and Sean Silverman [guitar, production] had already been communicating and working on material together while separated and the result is their debut full-length in ‘Pineapple Sunrise’. Santino shared, “months spent in isolation, away from our families, closest friends and each other. This whole record has themes of melancholy and loneliness while also feeling hopeful and optimistic for what’s ahead. The concept of Pineapple Sunrise is rooted in the search for eternal happiness, mindfulness and being content with discovering and loving your inner self.” Anchored by “Sex, Drugs, etc.”, the band admitted that it wasn’t ever thought of as a song that would be the one listeners would gravitate to, “I can relate to the meaning of it personally. It’s about having anxiety. I don’t really go out. I’m not a big party guy. I’m the opposite; I’m a homebody. It’s amazing to see a lot of listeners identify with it”, Santino stated. Initially formed in 2015, Beach Weather was founded on the friendship between Santino and Silverman that dates back at least a decade prior to their formation. They released the EPs ‘Chit Chat’, ‘What A Drag’, and ‘Basement Sessions’ over the course of the early years, even touring with the likes of Sleeping With Sirens and The Maine. Now back together with a full arsenal of new music, Beach Weather are on the road for much of 2023, playing festivals and headlining shows across the country. “When you listen to us, I hope you feel like you discovered something new and fresh,” Santino stated. “All of our songs are different from one another. We want you to play our music on a long drive through the desert or at the beach relaxing at night. We’ve all experienced so much in and out of music. Now, we found our comfort zone with Beach Weather, and we’re just kind of loving it.”

Beach Weather speak with B-Sides host Pete Mar about how the viral exposure of their song “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” came at the right moment in their lives and the greater appreciation they feel, the release of their debut LP and more.

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