PHOTOS: Maisie Peters – Oakland, CA 09/21/2023

Maisie Peters put on a stellar show in her return to the Bay Area on September 21st to perform at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Peters has been pulling double-duty by opening for Ed Sheeran on five dates of his current U.S. tour, while headlining her own trek in support of her latest album, ‘The Good Witch’. Wearing a baby tee with lyrics ‘hear my lyrics, taste my venom’ from her song “History of Man”, Peters was very comfortable on the larger stage and utilized the space by engaging with the crowd right from the start and opening with the title track from the LP. Following up with “Coming of Age” and “Body Better”, it was clear that diehard fans were more than prepared for the show, screaming the lyrics and dancing. Just as energetic, Peters strutted back and forth to both sides of the stage while pointing the mic out to the crowd for them to sing, which the audience did quite boisterously. The sing-alongs were strong during acoustic numbers throughout the show, starting off with “Wendy”, in which many held their cellphone lights in the air for, and the mid-set acoustic medley consisting of her songs “2 Weeks”, “Worst of You” and “You Signed Up For This” as well as her cover of “Night Changes” by One Direction. The 19-song set was mostly filled with songs from her sophomore LP, sprinkled in with her other standouts like “John Hughes Movie” and “Cate’s Brother” and was such an enjoyable set that it was forgivable that one of her best songs “Psycho” was omitted. Inviting opener Grace Enger to perform “History of Man” for the encore was a special moment as the two harmonized perfectly. Closing out with “Lost the Breakup” was apropos, considering how the breakup and coming-of-age themes of the album eventually sees her on the other side triumphant and stronger, which Peters clearly showed with the night’s stage performance.