VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Dream Wife Says Their Live Element Was The Basis For Recording Latest. LP ‘Social Lubrication’

Dream Wife recently dropped their new track “Love You More”, that was recorded during the same recording sessions of their latest album ‘Social Lubrication’. Drawing from the likes of Pixies and Hole for inspiration, the band says, “‘Love You More’ is not your typical love song, but a love song to the self and choosing to love perfectly imperfect bodies. It has a gritty underbelly, dealing with self-acceptance, body dysmorphia, disaster capitalism, climate collapse and depression. From the micro to the macro, the song explores the relationship between the self and both the body and the earth as experiences of home, as a vessel for feeling.” Their electrifying third album, ‘Social Lubrication,’ was released over the summer via Lucky Number to much anticipation. In the new music, the band tackles various themes including a celebration of self-love, addressing issues like self-acceptance, body dysmorphia, disaster capitalism, climate collapse, and depression, both on a personal and societal scale. ‘Social Lubrication’ is entirely self-written by the trio while the sonics are inspired by the band’s live show element and spirit, “when we did start playing live again, especially festival season opened up again in the UK and as soon as we finished, we just took that energy straight into the writing room,” lead singer Rakel Mjöll shared. Produced by guitarist Alice Go and producer Matthew Peel, the album’s songs, like “Leech,” capture the band’s raw energy and carry important messages about difficult subjects. The band’s goal is not to be preachy but to convey their emotions and lived experiences while engaging the audience. “Leech was written sort of in one go at a festival site,” Mjöll stated, “I showed Alice and Bella [bassist Bella Podpadec] these lyrics and it’s just like a long, we called it the rant song for a while, but it was just all these just statements and social commentary and emotions and lived experiences that were just blurted out and then we found a way to make a song around it. It was inspired sonically by PJ Harvey’s ‘Rid of Me’ album.”

Dream Wife spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about the process of bottling up their live element into the recording of the new album, how the heavy influences from the events of 2020 affected the new music, a moment they had while watching the movie “La La Land” and more.

Dream Wife Says Their Live Element Was The Basis For Recording Latest. LP 'Social Lubrication'

Dream Wife - Love You More (Audio)

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