LIVE REVIEW: little image, Levi Evans, & Hastings – Dallas, TX 09/24/2023

On Sunday September 24th, Texas native little image returned home for an electrifying show of their ‘SELF TITLED Tour’ at Deep Ellum Art Co. in Dallas, Texas. Back in May, the alternative-pop trio released their second album, SELF TITLED, leading to their first headline tour in late August. Dressed in black suits with self painted white words and drawings, Jack Simmons (vocals), Brandon Walters (bass, synth), and Troy Bruner (drummer) immediately captivated the audience and expressed their gratitude for a thrilling hometown show.

Opening with grungier tracks, “EGO” and “LUNGS BURN”, Simmons embodied a well-seasoned frontman underneath the bright multi-colored lights and lively crowd. On stage behind the band members, three screens projected animated backdrops which heightened the band’s intensity and theme of reinvention. Whether they were inspired by Walters’ drive on the bass, Bruner’s passionate and swift rhythms, or Simmons’ confident vocals, the crowd effortlessly matched the band’s high-energy.

Towards the end of the set, Simmons gave a brief speech expressing the band’s gratitude: “It all started here in Dallas with you guys. So thank you all for sticking around with us and letting us go out on tour.” The standout song of the night was angst track “OUT OF MY MIND,” during which Simmons and Bruner made sure to interact with the crowd by letting fans hold up the drums and crowdsurfing. Following this impressive performance, the band played another fan favorite, “Bottles”, a track from their debut Musings (2017). “Sing it if you know it,” Simmons said before playing the gentle melody —not willing to miss a moment, the crowd huddled close together as they sung softly. Transforming recorded music into a live show is often difficult to do, yet little image succeeded in creating a show that fans will resonate with.

Kicking off the night was Irish alternative-indie singer Levi Evans with a catchy and undeniably strong 20-minute set. Leaning into pop influences such as Dayglow, Evans’ upbeat track “Chronic” had the audience swaying to the energetic chorus. Whereas mellow tracks such as the deceptively titled “So Happy” and “Numbers” introduced the crowd to Evans’ versatility.

Second supporting act indie-pop musician Hastings entered the stage to quiet cheers from a few fans scattered throughout the crowd. His alternative-esque single “Hurt My Feelings” details lack of closure and disaffection in a past relationship. Paired with the talent of his drummer, Holden Clontz, Hastings delivered an impressive yet brief set comprised of songs “Take Me” and “Blame The Brakes.”