The English band Muse took the world by storm when they released their first top ten album Absolution almost 10 years ago in 2003. Since then their albums Black Holes and Revelations and Resistance have seen international success and have been passionately sung along to at music festivals all across the world. The 2nd Law marks Muse’s first studio album since 2009 and sports 13 tracks beginning with the techno-y and belting vocals of “Supremacy.”

Each Muse album has given us catchy drum beats and sing along songs, beautifully intertwined with brilliant songwriting and lyrics. On their last album, “Resistance” and “Uprising” held the top spots. On this album it’s a bit hard to tell which will take off faster. Every track is unique in its own way, and many sound completely different than others. The second song off the album “Madness,” has a lot of potential for radio play. Though a bit repetitive, it has that feel like you could feel it while just sinking back into the chill atmosphere of a concert or festival.

This marking their 6th LP, the ability to turn out hits is very impressive. Two songs stand out. “Panic Station” is sure to be played in clubs all over the world with its beat just begging for fist pumping. For those who like to take it a bit slower “Explorers” provides a delicate slow rock with Matthew Belamy’s ghostly vocals pulling you through.

Of course a band as talented and as successful as Muse could take on the challenge of having written the Olympics official song this year. “Survival” reminds you quickly of Queen with it’s operatic choruses and throwback to 80’s pop, but it holds its Muse sound and draws you in with those drums.

“Big Freeze” sounds like a beautiful mix of Queen, the guitar playing of The Edge from U2 and provides a foot tapping melody along with wonderful vocals. This along with the others will be the head bobbing festival going number one for the foreseeable future.

Before this review is through, attention must be paid to the title tracks. “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable” takes you into a world of a gorgeous orchestrated string openings, mixed with techno pop, and pro-environmental messages. It manages to mix easy listening soundtrack music with the heavy vocals. “The 2nd Law: Isolated System” is a slow pumping song with a repeated keyboard riff and spoken vocals about “Isolated Systems.”

Muse has put together yet another amazing album, with a little something for anyone these 13 tracks are sure to skyrocket to the top. Can’t wait to see them on their North American tour in 2013. We at B-Sides, are impressed.

Muse - The 2nd Law: Unsustainable