ON RADAR: Cayucas

California indie rock band Cayucas (pronounced ky-yook-us) consists of Zach Yudin (vocals, guitar), twin brother Ben Yudin (bass), Christian Koons (guitar) Banah Winn (keyboard), and Casey Wojtalewicz (drums), the five formed in 2011. The band really began when they signed with record label Secretly Canadian in October of 2012. Singer Zach Yudin, the main driving force behind the music, originally had called the band Oregon Bike Trails when it was his solo project. The band name changed to Cayucas, in which it was named after a small town located in the San Luis Obispo county that has stayed in the surf, jukebox, and bonfire spirit from the 1960s. Shortly after signing with Secretly Canadian, Cayucas released their debut single “Swimsuit” in 2013, and announced their plans to tour with Ra Ra Riot . In April 2013 the band released their debut full length album Bigfoot. Their hit single on the album called “High School Lover,” provides listeners with a teenage haze of high school life with its main focus being those memoriable classmate crushes. And if you are a hardcore Beck fan, then you will absolutely love Cayucas! BothYudin and Beck’s vocals are almost identical! Bigfoot is now available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the music video for “High School Lover” here!