Coming fresh out of Sydney, Australia is the indie rock band known as Jagwar Ma. The name of the band was an inspiration from a painting of a jaguar found by the side of a road and was given to the band by a close friend, combined with guitarist Jono Ma’s surname. Gabriel Winterfield, Jono Ma, and Jack Freeman came together musically in 2011 to form Jagwar Ma. This past year they have released an EP in the United Kingdom called The Time and Space Dub Sessions as well as their debut album Howlin, which released worldwide. Their hit single “Come Save Me”  is a combination of psychedelic, techno, pop, and indie rock all colliding into one genre! It is a song about unrequited love, in which someone wants to be saved from loving someone who does not love them in return. We hear this with lyrics like, “I don’t think you want me like I want you, so what do I got to do to get around it?” Overall the jam is relatable, catchy, and perfect to listen to anytime and for any mood you are in! Howlin is now available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the music video for “Come Save Me” here!