It was a lively packed house at The Independent in San Francisco on Saturday night for the sold out Grouplove show!  The Rubens opened up for the well-known LA band and as they made their way to the stage everyone eagerly crowded around to see the young Australian band. Modest yet excited to perform, The Rubens went into full swing as soon as they reached for their instruments and mics! Lead singer Sam Margin honestly announced to the crowd after performing a song, that  if we as the audience liked them then we should go purchase their music, if we thought they sucked then we should not purchase their music at all. Each song they performed demonstrated their traditional blues rock style especially when performing their famous track “Lay It Down.” Throughout the track and majority of the singles, Margin’s voice is a smooth harmony that one can easily got lost in. Overall the band’s performance was spot on! With new and current fans chanting in between tracks “Rubens!” “Rubens!” As The Rubens wrapped up their set, the venue became even more engulfed with people just before Grouplove found their way to the stage. But Grouplove did not just simply walk out on the stage in any casual manner, the band burst out from behind the drapes with a dub step beat, flashing lights, and bouncing band members! The crowd was immediately enthralled with the 90s inspired indie rock band! Grouplove was excellent with keeping everyone on their toes throughout their performance, surprising fans with favorites such as “Itchin’ On A Photograph,” “Lovely Cup,” and “Tongue Tied.” They also treated everyone to new songs like “Ways To Go” and “Hippie Hill” — A tune that hits home to many who grew up and currently live in San Francisco. The biggest surprise of all was when the band introduced two of its biggest fans, a young couple who claimed to have followed Grouplove on their many shows and considered the band their all time favorite. The young man proposed to his lady on stage in front of everyone and was hailed with many cheers and celebration for he and his newly announced fiance. Toward the end of their performance, the band walked backstage while all the colorful lights disappeared, and gave the impression that the show had come to an end. A building background song played louder and louder as the band shortly returned on stage and was loudly greeted again by fans encoring their performance! The band performed a few more tracks before their finale with hit song “Colours.” Overall both bands were absolutely amazing in liveliness, energy, and performance!