90s Fashion: Should These Pieces Make a Comeback? (Part 1)

3d62f0ea4b3e5f270dd7e2eb02491032Every decade of fashion comes back around: 60s & 70s floppy hats, wide-legged jeans and flower head pieces; 80s bright colors and flashy kicks and we’ve seen the 90s wave coming for a while now. The Nirvana flannel and beanie look is expected, but what about these long lost items below? Would you try and relive the 90s through these pieces?

1. Crop Tops (à la Gwen Stefani)

Gwen Stefani rocked the best crop top DIY-style. She always paired a fitted, cut white tank top with baggy, ska pants or a long patterned maxi (especially as she shifted towards a more Indian culture-inspired look.) Crop tops today can be classy with a high-waisted maxi skirt or tailored pants.



2. Chokers

Chokers were the ultimate go-to 90s (and grunge) accessory. You could grab a handful of the rubber ones from Claire’s in a heartbeat and it would be the perfect addition to your halter top. Rihanna is all about the chokers these days, and even posted her favorite ones to her Instagram account recently.



3. Doc Martens

My older sister had the quintessential pair of Doc Martens: floral patterned with yellow stitching. The rest of us drooled over them and prayed we’d fit into them one day. Combat boots have been rolling back around for a few years, but Doc Martens are now available in patent, pastel, classic cherry red and, of course, floral. Katy Perry was even sporting some lately in a very 90s floral dress:


4. Daisy Print

…which leads us to our next trend: that Drew Barrymore-inspired daisy print. Daisy print (and any floral, really) was all over: mini dresses, sunhats, jumpsuits, crop tops–you name it. They’re popping up today in floral headbands and hopefully on a mini denim backpack somewhere.



5. LBD (à la Posh Spice)

Everyone wanted to be Posh Spice and that strapless LBD was key. Posh rocked the Calvin Klein-esque look in all-black, form-fitting and clean cut. The LBD has been transformed over the years, but being Posh Spice is (and always will be) the easiest Halloween costume.



Have any of these jogged your memory? Stay tuned for Part 2!