Three Leading Ladies of 2013

lana-del-rey2013 brought to the world the attention of many great new talents. Some brought back old styles and some brought their own completely new styles to the world. Out of all of the many musicians we learned to love over this year though a few really stuck out and stole the show. Here are three women who did just that.

Lana Del Rey

Not only is Lana Del Ray insanely gorgeous but this beautiful singer has been blessed with one of the best voices this generation. Her vocal ranges are incredible, hitting every note effortlessly and perfectly. Not only did we enjoy her music on radio, we also got to enjoy it in one the great blockbusters released this year, “The Great Gatsby”.


Ok, so maybe HAIM consists of three leading ladies in itself plus a guy, but HAIM caught us off guard with their catchy tune “The Wire” this year. Their music has been said to sound like nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B. With the release of their debut album “Days Are Gone”, 2013 was the year it really started catching on and rumours spread fast.


This year at the age of sixteen, Lorde, or Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, managed to become one of the most successful new singers of all. Showcasing not only her vocal gifts but her music writing talents as well, this lovely young woman brought a fresh new taste and twist to our ears. Capturing our attention with her mature and fresh perspectives on life and growing up, this Australian beauty brought us one of the soundtracks of the year with “Pure Heroin”, and we still can’t get enough.