ON RADAR: Chris Pureka

Chris+Pureka+RSBorn in Northampton Massachusetts and growing up in Connecticut, Chris Pureka began exploring her musical talents at an early age. When she was just eight years old she began writing songs and later at sixteen, she learned how to play the guitar as well. Soon she started playing in local coffee shops while attending Wesleyan University for a degree in biology. After college and a short while working in a lab, Chris finally decided to make a change and focus on her music career full time. In 2001 she recorded her first self-titled debut EP at her home in a short two weeks, before heading off on a three month nationwide tour with Alix Olson. Since then, Chris has not only recorded and released 6 albums, including one live album, but also founded her own recording label Sad Rabbit Music. This woman has proved more than just her musical abilities but also her business savvy as well, a combination that will take her far in her career.

Her musical style has been compared with legends such as Bruce Springsteen, Patty Griffith and Ryan Adams, an honor in itself, but this lady brings something unique to the table. While most of her music is based on human relationships, Chris brings so much soul and depth into each and every song as if you she is right there with you as you’re listening. Every word that spills out of her is hauntingly beautiful, showing off both her songwriting and vocal abilities.

You can check out her hit “Shipwreck” below and be sure to check out her website here for concert info and links to her albums.