Why We Love Dream Pop!

Dream Pop is a music genre that was created back in the 1980s  from England yet the name originated in the United States. According to Allmusic Guide to Electronica, it is a genre of rock that contains “an atmospheric sub-genre of alternative rock that relies on sonic textures as much as melody.” But what makes this genre popular in the indie music world today? Perhaps it is the escape route the music provides for the listener!When listening to dream pop bands, your mind begins to produce imagery and you feel your mind drifting off into a day dream world thinking about memories and/or life. These songs provide a relaxing and almost therapeutic atmosphere for the listener. The genre has mainly been associated with the shoegazing music scene. These types of bands perform in the style of echoing and whisper-like vocals combined with a major use of guitar riffs. The idea of both dream pop and shoegaze is to simulate how the listener perceives the music being heard, especially that of mystical hallucinations. The music is fixed on moods and textures more so than guitar, which is more popular in the shoegaze genre. Dream pop is an existential and artistic rock genre that includes notable bands: Air, Beach House, Asobi Seksu, Best Coast, Conor Oberst, Camera Obscura, and many others!