SPOTLIGHT: The Used Then and Now

If you are in your twenties you may remember The Used as one of your favorite emo/screamo rock bands in high school, a band that you believe ended once you graduated. Yet just last week the band released their seventh full-length studio album Imaginary Enemy on April 1st, 2014. The band has come a long way from the hardcore screaming, and eerie lyrics, to a more light pop rock sound mixed with a dash of electronic beats and softer melodic vocals. This can be heard especially in the latest single on the album known as “Cry.” The track combines light floaty guitar riffs throughout the background, lead singer Bert McCracken’s high vocals with its familiar screaming, but much more tamed, and lastly the band’s best known hard rock sound now features some electronic breaks. The band has evolved with the times in musical style and appearance. Originally the Gothic kids with the songs about mutilation, blood, and painful break ups; to the more upbeat rock activists singing about love and life hardships. The Used today has a sound very similar to bands like Mayday Parade, There For Tomorrow, and Rise Against, instead of bands like My Chemical Romance and From First To Last. Currently the band is touring in the United States with Taking Back Sunday and will then move their tour to Europe! Imaginary Enemy is currently available for purchase in stores and available for download on iTunes.

Check out the official music video to The Used’s hit single “Cry” here!

The Used - Cry (Official Music Video)