VIDEO: Joywave Interview – Talk New Album, Big Data

joywaveMany music fans were introduced to Joywave through their involvement with the catchy track, “Dangerous” by Big Data. The common bond between the two bands is Joywave lead singer, songwriter, Daniel Armbruster, who also performed vocals on “Dangerous”. The band formed in Rochester, NY and released its first mixtape, “77777” in 2011 and followed up with the EP “Koda Vista” in 2012 and the mixtape titled, “88888” in 2013. The band has been hard at work to complete their debut album, “How Do You Feel?” with much anticipation from audiences since the release of the catchy tune, “Tongues”.

Joywave spoke with B-Sides host, Pete Mar, about their involvement and the relationship with Big Data founder, Alan Wilkis. The band also spoke about the origins of the sample used in the track “Tongues”, which features singer Patricia Patrón from the band Kopps.

Check out the interview here!

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Joywave Talk Tongues, Big Data, New Album

Joywave - Tongues (Official Video) ft. KOPPS