Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, the indie dance rock band known as Knox Hamilton have come a long way with a current tour across the country and their latest single, “Work It Out,” getting a fair amount of radio play.  The band initially started out playing weddings but were always creating original music and juggling full-time jobs. The four-man band consisting of Boots Copeland, Bradley Pierce, Cobo Copeland and Drew Buffington, have been on the up-swing with just an EP out and were recently invited to play the second weekend of Austin City Limits 2014.

The indie rock band cites bands such as Coldplay, Foster the People, and Phoenix as musical influences.  Their melodic bass lines combined with rhythmic drums and easy-feeling guitar riffs create the perfect blend of sunny day at the beach listening and get up on your feet dancing.  The guys of Knox Hamilton sat down with B-Sides On-Air recently to talk about the return of Alex Trebek’s mustache, their band’s origins and past jobs.  See the interview below!

B-Sides On-Air: Interview - Knox Hamilton Talk Alex Trebek, Band Origins

Here’s the band performing “Work It Out” for B-Sides On-Air from Neck of the Woods in San Francisco!

B-Sides On-Air: Knox Hamilton Perform "Work It Out" (Live)