One of the most peculiar, yet fascinating acts of their time is St. Vincent, AKA Annie Clark. St. Vincent has been around for a while, gaining a devoted and passionate following thanks to her wondrous guitar playing and tasteful shift of styles within each release. This talented act is currently promoting her eponymous fourth album, through her Digital Witness Tour, which included an October 6th show at The Fillmore in Miami Beach, FL. Compared to big cities such as New York, we usually don’t usually get as many exciting acts coming down to South Florida, so it was refreshing to have St. Vincent back since their last show here in 2012.

FullSizeRender (4)Anticipation and enthusiasm are unavoidable aspects of any concert, really. Inevitably, with St. Vincent there was loads of it; you could feel it from the queue outside up until the end of the encore. St. Vincent has effortlessly redefined herself as a performer, ambitiously exploring her boundaries and her interaction with the audience. She has done this by completely transforming into a chaotic yet prophetic presence that engages every single person in the room. The show was clearly designed to suit her latest image, that is, one of stylistic erraticism. Her impressive live band features Toko Yasuda, Matt Johnson and Daniel Mintseris.

FullSizeRender (9)Some of the highlights were Bring Me Your Loves, I Prefer Your Love, and Rattlesnake from her latest record, as well as fan favorites such as Your Lips Are Red, Cheerleader, and Krokodil (a cover of punk rock group Big Black).  Other great moments include her getting a piggyback ride from one of the security guards, and then approaching the audience to let them hold her guitar, as well as a few monologues, and her introduction of “good evening ladies and gentlemen, and whoever doesn’t identify with either of the two.”


  1. Rattlesnake
  2. Digital Witness
  3. Cruel
  4. Marrow
  5. Every Tear Disappears
  6. I Prefer Your Love
  7. Laughing With a Mouth of Blood
  8. Actor Out of Work
  9. Surgeon
  10. Cheerleader
  11. Prince Johnny
  12. Birth in Reverse
  13. Regret
  14. Huey Newton
  15. Bring Me Your Loves
  16. Krokodil


  1. Your Lips Are Red

Check out St. Vincent’s website for upcoming tour dates and announcements.

St. Vincent - Digital Witness