LISTEN: Mumford & Sons Release “Believe”

mumford-and-sons-press-2015-billboard-650The track, “Believe” was just released by modern folk-rock kings, Mumford & Sons. The release coincides with the recent announcement of their third full length album Wilder Mind slated for release on May 4, 2015. While talking about the album, they revealed that on their first outing since 2012’s massive Babel, the band has decided to branch out from their mainly acoustic folk-based music of the past. The band will incorporate electric instruments into their sound on the new album, news that surprised some but, is actually the next logical step for them as artists.

This step is reminiscent of one of the bands major influences, Bob Dylan, who outraged a lot of fans when he first started incorporating electric guitar into his music on his album “Bringing It All Back Home.” Marcus Mumford recently worked on the album “Lost on the River,” which saw a number of artists writing songs set to recently unearthed Bob Dylan lyrics, so perhaps the inspiration was found there.

In any case, if you listen to Mumford & Sons music, electric instruments really shouldn’t stagger their sound far from where it’s always been. The band writes massive hooks that immediately beg to be sung along to, electric instruments would surely only add to the epic build these guys usually center their songs around. They spoke of using synthesizers as well as electric guitars, which is really where the biggest surprises could come from but, again, the band has blended pop and folk pretty seamlessly. The addition of these instruments may rub some purists the wrong way but, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the band actually gain an even larger following by implementing a more modern sound.

Take a listen to “Believe” and let us know your thoughts!

Mumford & Sons - Believe (Official Music Video)